1199SEIU Members Hold Solemn Vigils Outside Devastated NY Nursing Homes

NEW YORK, N.Y.—Workers from 36 nursing homes and long-term care facilities around New York State held silent vigils May 20, demanding adequate protective gear and staffing, crisis pay, and respect for the work they’ve been doing. “Workers want to be recognized for risking their lives,” 1199SEIU spokesperson Cara Noel tells LaborPress. “1199 members have been…

McDonald’s Workers Strike in 20 Cities Around the Nation

New York, NY – Hundreds of essential McDonald’s workers went on strike in 20 cities across the county this week, shutting down at least six outlets in an ongoing fight for better working conditions and pay during the COVID-19 pandemic. With the support of the American Civil Liberties Union [ACLU], Service Employees International Union [SEIU]…

Uninsured Airport Workers Pin Hopes on Legislators Returning to Albany

New York, NY – Uninsured airport workers at New York’s major airports may soon get some relief as some of their elected officials will be trying to advance the Healthy Terminals Act when they head back soon to the Legislature in Albany.  The property service workers union 32BJ SEIU held a telepresser on May 21,…

NYS Laborers Show Solidarity With Workers in New Rochelle, Yonkers

New York, NY – Laborers Local 60 and the New York State Laborers-Employers Cooperation Education Trust recognized essential workers helping to keep Westchester County moving by giving them free meals on Tuesday as they worked on job sites in New Rochelle and Yonkers.? At the Montesano job site in Yonkers, 35 union members consisting of…


Big Box Store Threatens the Jobs of Essential Supermarket Workers in Queens

Astoria residents and elected officials are fighting hard to keep one of its last supermarkets open as the landlord for the property readies to knock it down for a Target retail store in October. “We had a rally sometime last year to make a statement with the community to make them know what was going…

Getting Ready

The City is moving closer to its plans of reopening. Aside from creating a safe environment for our community, there is also the need to ensure a clean work environment. One topic of importance is the need to resume construction, which has been shutdown or limited to essential projects. However, the move to resume work…

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10 Amazing Facts About Your Vision

The eyes are some the most important part of our bodies. We rely on them almost every minute of the day, yet we rarely think about what it takes for us to see. Our eyes are complex organs, and there are many strange and interesting things about them that most people don’t know. Shed some…



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Drain the Trump Swamp

This was certainly a memorable Memorial Day with a virus shutting down the nation and the world. No one person can be blamed for this COVID-19 from going viral. But there is plenty of blame directed at President Donald Trump for not putting in place measures to stop the virus from spreading throughout this nation...
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Entertainment Industry Returns to Work with Guidelines

Hollywood, California – The entertainment industry’s joint collaborative  White Paper is being developed  that will produce guidelines for the safe return to work of thousands. This joint collaborative initiative responding to Covid-19 includes needed health and safety  required guidelines. Completing this important protocal is needed in order for film productions to begin. Representatives from the...
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Film Legend Adds Star Power to the Struggle of Frontline Workers

New York, NY – Legendary Academy Award-winner Jane Fonda never had to endure economic hardship — but this week, at a virtual town hall for essential workers, Fonda made it clear that she stands solidly behind working men and women struggling on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic.? “I’m a person of privilege,” Fonda...
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Does the HEROES Act Deliver for Working People?

New York, NY – While the HEROES Act is being applauded by some for including essential workers left out of previous relief packages, the legislation now wending its way through Congress faces strong opposition, too. For many progressives, the legislation fails to be both cost effective and inclusive for 36 million unemployed workers and those...
McDonald's is under increasing pressure to address poverty wages.
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McDonald’s Workers Take Fight Against Sexual Harassment to the World Stage

New York, NY – This week, a group of international unions filed a complaint in the Netherlands aimed at pressuring McDonald’s to finally address and resolve the systemic abuse many workers say they experience on the job. They filed with the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development — unions say this is the very first...